Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Food For Haiti

Around a month and a half ago I got a call from an old friend. She said that the local Middle School her son goes to (the one Hunter will attend this next year) wanted to do a Community project. Her son, who I have known for several years now as well, was extremely touched by the news that showed the food riots in Haiti. He has known Hunter since he was young, and Hunter was in Scouts with him for a while...so, knowing someone who actually hailed from the far away place he saw on the news hit him in the heart. He approached his student group and they decided to do a Food For Haiti project the last 2 weeks of school.
Even though the kids were ready for summer and DONE with the school vibe, they managed to raise 3 boxes of food full of Tuna, a 50lb bag of rice, 2 large bags of beans and a few odds and ends for the Creche the kids are from.
Now, I am humbly looking for a way to get this bounty to Haiti without it costing me an arm and a leg that I do not have...hehe

I am off to barter with DHL, Fed Ex and who ever to take this food to Haiti for me and the kids and to let them know it made a difference...that a few kids in a small school can make a difference half way across the world! (Pictures to come when I find the stinking camera cord!)

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Angela said...

So great! Will it be going to HFC/NLL? Perhaps posting to many of the families we may all be able to chip in on the shipping costs to Haiti or to our homes to be taken to Haiti when we go (if that is cheaper).

Love ya,