Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Hard Time

Sorry it has been a while since I posted. I think with all 4 kids being home I am busier than ever...tired as ever as well.

I have been working fights quite a bit...2 in 2 weeks, a break this weekend and then back to the big ones on the 21st of June...should be fun. It has kept me busy and dog tired though, making me want to doze off in church. At least Pastor is a fan so he understands..hehe...I am taking Pastor, and 3 guys from our church to the fights on the 21st..should be great ones. One of the guys fighting for the World title is one of my favorites, David Thomas (he is the current title holder). He is fighting a guy pretty well known around the area for his hockey game and time in the NHL, Jeremy Lablonsky. Both are not big fans of each other and it is looking like it Will be quite a brawl...I pray I have the knowledge to help them out of the octagon when it is over! ;-p

I spoke at the Kiwanis group. It was quick but good. I hope they have a little understanding of Haiti and a little of the love I have for it there.

I feel like I have been chasing my tail around quite a bit lately. Adoptions are slow, I am paid by the step now, which is really screwing me big time! I was never in it for the money, but when I, like the rest of the world, need to afford to pay my bills, it is really sucky!
It is hard also since things are moving so slow. Families are frustrated, and have EVERY reason to be, as it is the US Government that seems to moving the slowest with no real reason for it.

All of it has gotten me depressed, stressed and sleeping less...not a good combo.

I will check in and PROMISE to get the photos I have uploaded....gonna take a few good ones of me with some of the fighters this next weekend for those of you who want to see the size comparison of me to them (last fights one of the guys was 6'10"...I am 4'10"...2 feet difference!)

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Amy said...

Hope you're getting some time to yourself every once in a while! Ugh, adoptions, frustration and joy all rolled into one. Praying for you and the families!