Monday, June 02, 2008

Lately I've Been Busy...

Hello blog world! Sorry I have not posted for a while, we have been busier than 1 one legged man in a butt kicking contest around here.

All the kids had field Day at school, so being on the PTO required I be there to run a station or two and cheer kids on. Last day of school for Kai was Thursday, now my little boy is a kindergarten graduate (pic's to come as soon as I can download them!).
Demi and Hunter had their last day of school on Friday....we are now in summer mode! Nikaya is glad to have her brothers and sisters home for the summer and everyone is glad they don't have to rise so early every day to catch the bus!!

I was called to work some fights for a different promoter Saturday night. Smaller venue, but awesome fights none the less. One bad issue is that these Promoters do not provide any insurance for the guys so if they are hurt they have to pay for their own care.

I had one guy choked unconscious. When he came to he wanted right up right away...not good or they can vomit he and I chilled on the mat a few minutes. He was sweet..not a mark on him, but totally unconscious and convulsing...pretty scary for his family to see, but I assured them he only lost a few brain cells...hehe
Had another guy that won that when I went to check him out said to me "Hey, you are a cutie...wanna make out?" I politely told him "Thanks but I am married and I think my hubby would mind so I will have to take a rain check on that offer!" Funny thing was, the guy was an Italian body builder type and his fight name was 'The Italian Stallion' trying to take the stallion part a little to seriously I think :-)
Best part of the night was a little guy fighting. He sat down in my chair for his pre-fight physical. He was VERY Asian looking and told me the MOST un-Asian name I have ever heard -Smith- hehe I asked him and he told me that he was adopted by White parents in the US from Seoul Korea as a young child. I had to tell him about my kids and he was laughing that I totally understood the naming situation and that we often name our kids very un-cultural names.

One poor guy spent the latter half of the night with me trying to McGyver his face. He took a knee to the chin and ended up cut the length of his chin-DEEP-. He didn't believe how deep until I gave him a mirror and he about fainted...hehe
Since their is no insurance from the Promoters, he is young and had none of his own, and had to drive 8 hours back home to a Dr. he knew, I didn't feel right leaving his face hanging open. I spent about 1 hour putting his chin back together with butterflies, bandages etc. and showing his fight corner how to repeat the procedure later. I gave him supplies to replace what I had done so when the others fell off he could replace them with some help from his friends. He was so sweet, so thankful etc. By the way, he WON the title belt, so his chin owie was worth it he said! I also remind the guys that chicks totally dig scars!! ;-)

I will post photos later (have to find the cord to the camera)!!

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Angela said...

Uhg... I don't know how you do it. I would have totally fainted at any of it! ;)

Love ya,