Thursday, July 27, 2006

An Old Friend Visits

Here are some photos of when Ange and the kids visited Idaho. I am sure glad they got to come by and see us. The kids all had a blast. It was to short of a visit, but I cannot complain, at least I got to see them! ;-)

Mostly the whole crew...notice how Ange is hiding behind Trae?? ;-)

Hunter giving bunny ears to his new girlfirend...he and MaeLynn hit it off well!

Two divas in a pod.....Sassy and Demi Roo were quite the duo. Tyson giving updside down bunny ears to the two of them! T.J. hugging sissy and getting in the photo.


Kim said...

It is great to see all of the kids together, just think next time there will be five more!!!

falco348 said...

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