Friday, July 21, 2006

Jesse Johnson

Yesterday I met an amazing man and his family. This man is riding 4000 miles on his bicycle (from Seattle to Miami) to earn money and raise awareness for the kids of Haiti.
Jesse and his family were kind and offered shirts to us so we could show our support for Haiti's kids. I am hoping to arrange a meeting between Jesse and Dr. Bernard in Haiti on Jesse's next trip to see if he can include New Life Link in his funding of Haitian projects.
I see Jesse as a man with a huge dream, but know that if anyone can make that dream happen it will be him. He has tremendous support of his family, who are enduring 40 days on the road with him. They are also in the process of making a documentary about his trip...I am hoping he can get BIG press for it. The Today show has shown interest and will be meeting with them in a couple of the cities as well as be in Miami at the end to show he made it.
All I can think of is...The Today Show showing something about Haiti, where it is, WHAT it is and that people, general people, in everyday life may see in Haiti what some of us do. Beauty, tragedy, the people who are rich in spirit but lack the means to a good end. That maybe someone out there may feel led to help in a way that only they could.
I will post pic's of our meeting as soon as I can get my hubby's computer to work with me!


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