Thursday, July 27, 2006

Finally...some camping photos

I am finally able to get my photo program to work so I can post the long awaited camping goes!!

Here is Hunter with family friend Kevin on the jet ski. Hunter had his first driving lesson. He is quite careful and drove fairly slow. Demi Roo on the other hand is balls to the wall and thinks Hunter drives too slow! ;-)

Demi Roo in her most innocent pose she can would NEVER think that SHE could be naughty huh??!!

Hunter and the beauty of the scenery.

Demi Roo and the scenery.

This picture is supposed to show how close the deer was to our camp. I would prefer NOT to be in it since I was swollen and miserable from allergies, but my hubby insisted...

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Kim said...

Beautiful family!!! Puffy and all!!