Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sel Bondye Konnen

Robinson told me he went to the orphanage to teach English to the older kids Friday. My little Kai C'Eus went up to him and said he was tired of waiting, where was his mama. You see, usually Kai goes up to Robinson and says "Where's my mama" and he answers "no mama today C'Eus, more paperwork" and my boy runs off or sticks out his tongue and laughs (he and Robinson are pals!). Well Friday he told Robinson a different saying and Robinson knew he meant it.
I was very concerned how my children would be since I saw them in February and then had to leave them again. I was very concerned they would feel abandoned by me and be angry. I had Dr. Bernard explain to them every day how many sleeps until I would have to go home, but that I would be back with their daddy to take them to their forever home very soon. Kai seemed to understand, heck, he was almost 5. Nikaya Mitchelle seemed to understand as much as a 2 year old could.
I know now that they KNOW we love them and KNOW we are coming back for them. When people hang pictures in their bed for them, they know who I am, who their new family will be, and know that they will be home in God's timing. One thing I am thankful for is that the children in Haiti are taught very early on that everything happens according to God's will and timing ie... "Sel Bondye Konnen" Only God Knows.


Julie Boorman said...

We are not too much different than our children in the awaiting the return of Jesus.! Only God knows:)

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