Friday, July 14, 2006

Haiti Update

Well, I spoke to my counterpart in Haiti today and he said we have 1 signature left for IBESR approval. At IBESR (Haitian Social Services) you need 5 signatures at the different offices involved in IBESR. Well, we only need 1, the last one, Mr. Cadet himself. I am hoping he feels gracious and remembers our first meeting and takes mercy upon us and signs away quickly. The lady who spoke to Robinson (one of my Haitian Counterparts) said that our file was pretty straight forward and should go quickly....I pray that it will and that the kids will be home very soon.

I have 11 families in process right now, I also pray for them and that their process goes smoothly and quickly (as quickly as things can move in Haiti!)


iveyfamily said...

I've been reading your blog and loving following your story to your children. My husband and I have one bio son and one adopted and have been praying very hard about Haiti. I am thinking that God may have our next child there. We will wait and see. I am hoping your last signature goes quickly. Then what?

The Haiti Lady said...

After the last signature we are free to go to the courts, passports, US Immigration and home. Usually IBESR is the longest part of the journey....ours has been in IBESR for 7 months now.