Friday, April 13, 2007


This was the kids first Easter at home. They were surprised to received outfits from Hawaii from Mammy and Pappy and candy as well (gotta love the chocolate!!!). We didn't get to have an egg hunt due to bad weather...wind and rain....I guess that good Lord is washing and blowing away all the sin. :-)

We visited Curt's family and had dinner. Great to see his Grandma Nolan alive and doing well at the wonderful age of 94...she is going strong and it seems that she will have another 94 years ahead of her.

All the kids played and got along fine. No real big fights over toys (nothing more than a toddler squabble every now and again). The Mommy and Daddy Easter Bunny got the kids an outfit each as well, along with a chocolate candy bar. The kids want to wear the outfits that they got from us and mammy and pappy right now, but they are short outfits and it hasn't been nice enough.

Kai is excited to go to the store and get a pair of sandals. With tax money in, we plan on clothes shopping a little for the kids and ourselves...something we do only if needed because they have clothes that don't fit anymore or something is worn out. Clothes for Curt and I have been a long time coming!!! Kai keeps asking me about going to the shoe store
"ok mama....ale go shoes now?"
"Soon Kai Ceus, soon."
"No, now mama, now...."
You would think the kids is related to Emelda Marcos or something. hehe

Tonight we get the task of setting up a new stand and turtle tank for Rocco. His digs are going from 10 gallon to 20 gallon, plenty of space for him to sun and swim....I KNOW Rocco is excited...

I need to do Demi Roo's hair tonight since she has a game to cheer for tomorrow at 9am. I HATE having to be somewhere BY 9am.....I even hate having to be functioning that early in the morning. At least with the kids up and around, I can at least be in jammies and fohawk hair and they don't care. hehe

Well, off to get things done.

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