Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nothing Much Here But A Flower In The Wall

Nothing really new to report on our front.

I do ask for prayers for a couple of friends though. My friend Amy is leaving Saturday to pick up her daughter Kerline. Kerline is almost 15 and will be flying and coming to the US for the first time ever....pray for Amy's safety in Haiti and for Kerline's calmness in the storm of adopted life and coming home. Kerline has lived at the Orphanage since the age of 4 years old. She is leaving everyone she has ever known to go with her new 'mama blanc' (white mother) to live in this vast place called America. I know for a fact that she will experience fear, happiness, immense grief and an overwhelming feeling of lack of control. I pray that the Lord Will be with her as she begins her much anticipated journey home.

Also pray for my friend Angela. Angela is traveling to Haiti for the first time ever to meet the 5...YES, I SAID 5, kids she will be adopting. Angela needs prayers for safety, to be free from medical issues and to enjoy meeting her kids in Haiti.

Haiti can be a VERY overwhelming place. I have had families land and get back on an airplane to go home before ever leaving the airport. I have had families go to Haiti and call me in tears because they are so overwhelmed by the poverty and violence they see. I have had families tell me that they will make one trip and NEVER return to the island again....they cannot do it. Then you have people like myself, Amy, Ange, Abby and a few others, who will go back until they throw us out. (OK...they would only throw ME out and tried that once already...I returned..nice try. :-P )

I was very excited when we went to Haiti to get Kai and Nikaya. Curtis had never been to Haiti and was anxious, excited, frightened, worried all rolled into one person. I know the first little bit of our trip he would shake his head at night in sheer desperation to return home to Hunter and Demi Roo, but to not leave me Kai and Nikaya there without him. He saw the UN tanks, the machine gun toting police, the gunshots that put you to sleep at night, the poverty and the sadness...he also saw the beauty.

One night we were at the guest house playing volleyball with Dr. Bernard and staff. During a water break I noticed Curtis taking a picture of the wall that surrounds the guest house. I know that this is something everyone takes a picture of, I did it, I have seen photos from other families, it is just a presence to be seen and photographed. You see, the wall is about 10 feet high and the top has about 2 feet of razor wire on top of it. I know this fence well, and see many like it all over Haiti. What I did not see is what my hubby saw. Out of that big menacing fence was a little plant with a flower growing out of the MIDDLE of the cement fence.
When Curtis showed me he said something I found very profound "this flower reminds me of Haiti...all the difficulties yet this beautiful living thing is growing from it."
He saw the beauty that I have seen, the strength, the desire for more, the desire to live in spite of the situation and death all around them....they are stronger than many I know and I would hope for their strength had I been born 600 miles from the US with no where to go. Curtis said he would go back with me someday, and for that I am soooo thankful!!!

Once again, I ask for prayers for Amy, Kerline and Angela as their Easter is one of happiness, sadness and a feeling of overwhelming loss and joy.

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Julie said...

I am so happy that Amy will be getting Kerline soon.

I don't know Angela, but I am excited for her too. So glad that the Spirit stirred up in her the desire to add to her family.