Thursday, April 19, 2007

Various Pictures Post

Demi Roo before cheerleading performance....Nikaya is honorary member! They are all glittered out!

Kai Ceus.....he is so cool he MUST wear shades...even at night!

Daddy on the trampoline with Kai, Nikaya and Demi Roo...who says white men can't jump??hehe

Nikaya at Chuch-E-Cheese. Girl threw the ski ball and it went 1 foot. Tried again with the same result. She climbed up the machine, checked out the plasitc cover on the machine and figured out how to cheat....She got high score!!! Bells went off and tickets shot out hehehe
Kids that were standing nearby came and did the same thing...pure mayhem....I am so proud!!! ;-) Future criminal mastermind I see...

Fun with chalk. We chalked the driveway, the sidewalk and mommy, now lets chalk ourselves!!!

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