Saturday, April 21, 2007


Thursday was a great day for Kai Ceus. He went to he school and got officially registered as a Kindergartner for this next year. Unfortunately, he wants to go to school TOMORROW, not next year. hehe
He did well on his E.L.L. test, but we will have to wait until he begins school to see where he falls in line as to if he will qualify for Extended Kdg. E.L.L. is English Language who do not speak English as their first language. Since Kai spent 5.5 years as a Creole speaker he had to take a test to see how well he comprehends. The teacher felt he would not have any issues and that he seemed to understand more than he could speak which I know is common for this stage of his being home. Once school starts, they see how all of the non-English as well as English first students fair on their tests. If he is 'low' enough, they will put him in all day Kdg. I can honestly say, I would be surprised if he made it and if he did, how long he would qualify...he is a pretty smart cookie.
Nikaya is considering starting Kdg as well, but they wouldn't take her...much to HER disbelief. hehe She got the papers and sat down and was coloring and told them "me ale coo bus" (me go school bus) they just laughed. I think she was a little ticked they didn't take her seriously.
I will enjoy my alone time with my last kidlet once the others are off to school again. YES, I said LAST KIDLET. Unless the good Lord drops some major change in the ole lap, we will be done....

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