Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jon Francis...In Memory Of....

I have had a prayer for the last year. Every year we travel to Stanley Lake/Redfish Lake area to enjoy the 4th of July. Last year, a young man named Jon Francis came to enjoy the mountains created by his loving God as well. After reaching the summit of Grand Mogul (the beautiful mountain behind us in the family photo and in the mountain photo on the blog) , Jon Francis disappeared. His family and Search units searched all last summer and began this summer as well....never giving up hope of finding Jon, first alive, then finding his body to give him a Christian burial.

At last, his remains have been found. As of July 24th, the family has found the remains of Jon Francis on a steep side of Grand Mogul. It appears that he fell quite a ways during his hike and died on the mountain.

I tell you this, because I have prayed for this family and for Jon every since I heard his story. Often checking the blog they set up in hopes of hearing that their search was over and that he was finally found so his family would have some peace.

We traveled to the mountains again this year and I was able to pray by the mountain that had more than likely claimed his life, praying that he was with God and his family could they can.


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