Monday, July 16, 2007

Pastor Rick Wisdom

I wanted to post something from a new friend of mine. His name is Pastor Rick out of Akron, Ohio. He has a lot of wisdom, but this one struck me on a day when I REALLY needed to hear it...I hope it helps you as much as it did and still does me...

"Little Blessings" © 2007
"Little Blessings" © 2007
From Pastor
So often we take the small stuff for granted. It isn't that we mean to do it, we just do.
Take for instance, your walking through the house and you stub your pinky toe. You jump up and down, try to balance on one leg while grabbing your foot and hope there is a wall to lean against or a chair near by to catch your fall. The neighbors outside can hear your gasps of pain so they turn up their radio a little louder to drown out the noise. They would come over to see if you are ok, but you have done this many times before, they know the routine.
Soon you will be hobbling out to your car to go do your grocery shopping. There you will be sure to get lots of attention and the regulars will be asking about your limp. You relish at their concern as somehow, you manage to embellish the story so you come out looking like a hero!
You get home and as you go to place the paper grocery bags on the counter a can of spaghetti sauce falls through a tear from the bottom of the bag, and lands on that same toe that made you do the dance two hours earlier! (This is where you are to praise Him in the dance)
Now your movements look like your trying to Tip Toe Through The Tulips, only a little faster this time. Ouch Ouch Ouch dag gum it, ras-em fras-em, arghhhhh.
Ok, so what is my point to all of this?
More often than not, and very unfortunate, simple little accidents like this can ruin a persons whole day, Not that it should, but we allow it to do so. We start with this mentality of, I never should have gotten out of bed, I can't do anything right today etc. "You" have set the tone and the mood for your day to be lousy. And most likely it will be!
What if instead you said, thank you Lord that I didn't break my toe when I stubbed it. Thank you Jesus for watching over me. Or how about, boy am I "thank full" it wasn't one of the glass jars, it could have cut my toe off! If you would speak words of gratitude and thanksgiving to God our Father "I" can promise you, because "He" promised you first, that it will get better "quicker" then it does with a woe is me attitude.
Just think about it.
PS. Here is a little blessing that happened to me today. I had lost my ReachOutCenter cell phone about a week ago. I waited to call my cell phone provider in hopes it would turn up. It hasn't yet and I really didn't have the money to go buy a new one with our vacation coming up. I knew I needed to call Sprint, but I didn't have a peace about it yet. And I have learned, that what I used to call my gut instinct isn't really me at all. It is the Holy Spirit speaking to me and trying to get me to listen.
I felt like I needed to wait one more day. So I still hadn't called them. You know what happened? Nope, I didn't find my phone, something better.
Sprint called me today! They said I have been a good longstanding customer and that they would like to send me a brand new, current model phone, for free! I never even had to call to tell them mine was lost.
I could have gotten ahead of myself and God and been reactionary and bought a new phone already. But I've learned to hear my Fathers voice, and He has blest me in so many small ways.
Has He been blessing you? But, because they appear to small blessings you rob Him of the credit? Give to the Lord what is due. And He will surely do the same for you, "Count you many blessings, name them one by one."
Again, Think about it.
Gods love and blessings.
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Pastor © 2007

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