Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One of My Babies Comes to Visit

I was so blessed this weekend. One of my favorite families in the world came to visit me with their new little Haitian sensation I placed with them. Nadia has been home since February and she is doing marvelous. She is walking ( a little drunken monkey, but hey...) she is eating everything in sight and LOVES her family and they are all in LOVE with her as well.

One of the best families in the world!

James, Josh, Lisa, Nadia, Robert and Jacob

Hunter and Nadia

Kai, Nadia and Nadia's brother Josh

Brother James giving Nadia a ride

Demi with Nadia and Josh

Nadia checking out the food...

Both of our motley crews. Kai fell in absolute best friend love with Josh, they had their arms around each other and held hands the whole time.

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