Monday, August 13, 2007

My New Plan

I thought I would pass on a fun thing I have been doing lately. Each night after Curtis gets home, I make dinner and then I go for my walk. I began a couple of weeks ago with a 1 mile walk....I thought my legs would turn to jelly and I would pass out....I am fat and out of shape you know. hehe

Now, I walk about 2.5-3 miles a night. I enjoy the time to myself with Hunter's Mp3 player and Linkin Park (my obsession..hehehe). I walk, think, don't think, pray and just zone for a while without interruption. It is nice and the time seems to go by quickly. I am physically tired but mentally rejuvenated when I come home. It does give me more energy, but also cleanses my thoughts after all day with 4 kids. hehe

Since April I have lost 12lbs....Not a record, but a start. I have given up hope that I will ever be THIN....but I would like to be more active. I have found that I have ZERO self control when it comes to chocolate, so I allow myself some each day and walk it off along with eating less etc...I think I can get my bod in some sort of shape, even if it a ROUND shape.hehe

Wish me luck!


Amy said...

You go girl!!!! Ahhh, walking by yourself...sounds NICE. Enjoy!


me! said...

go for it & walk some for this fat mama too, eh?

ange said...

WOOT WOOT, I am proud of you my friend!!!! We can be shaply rounds together :)
love you