Thursday, August 23, 2007

School Time Again

Well the last few days have been busy as the kids reenter school. I am excited to see them go, knowing that they love it and their teachers are wonderful. Hunter entered 5th grade...EEKK...where did the time go; Demi entered 2nd, and Kai entered Kindergarten. Now, to the older kids, school is old Kia, it was NEW. He went to school a the Orphanage in Haiti, but this is U.S. school, the first time away from mommy school, first time away from family school....He had been so excited, talking about it for weeks. The fact that HE was going to school, Nikaya and I would LEAVE and he would STAY. Well, the first day came and I tell ya, the look on his face when I waved goodbye after getting him settled in, was one of fear, excitment and disbelief that I was actaullty leaving. I mean, we had TALKED about it, but actually doing it was a different story. :-D
Needless to say, he LOVED school, his teacher and his fun activities. He was so excited that he wanted to go back after dinner, not waiting for the next day to arrive. hehe
He has been back, and Monday will mark the first day of him getting on the school bus to go to school (the first 3 days have been parent pick up and drop off until the kids are oriented). He is so stinking excited about riding the school bus that he can hardly stand himself. I will take and post pictures of him leaving on the bus...much to Kai's request you know! He wants to show Dr. B that he rides a BIG bus to school!!! :-D

Nikaya seemed lost without any siblings around, and got sick with some virus going around. She spent the last 2 days throwing up and sleeping on our couch in the bedroom just so I could make sure she was ok. Poor thing is whining about not being able to go to school, that he tummy hurts and that everyone has left her all by herself (I don't count you know!)

Also, Kai's first days of KDG. were marked by losing his top 2 front yesterday, one today...the tooth fairy will be broke if he keeps it up. I will post pic's of his gap in the next day or so!

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Amy said...

Awww...SO CUTE!!!!!!! Can't wait for pictures!!!