Sunday, August 26, 2007

They were doing what???

Last night was my night to sit ring side medic for the local fights. I was excited to arrive and see that they were taking place not in a ring, but a on UFC. Very cool to watch in person!!
Night was fairly quiet with banged up eyes, bloody noses and a few cuts, but nothing major...Praise God for that.
It was Harley Davidson night...Harley's, those are NICE bikes. They would start those things up and run them around the building and throw shirts from them, fighters would come in to the cage following behind the chopper with their posse of people.....very 'gangsta' hehe

The fighters have seen me enough, and if they haven't then their posse usually have and they all tell their fighters "you give this chick mad respect...she will fix your broken ass"...hehe..nice to know so many have my back. :-P

A local Police officer came over to me during the intermission. He said he and his other officer buddy had a bet going. When they saw the size of the fighters (most are AT LEAST 6 foot and 200lbs and up and usually very crazy with adrenaline and feeling bulletproof) they did not see how someone my size would be respected by the fighters if I called their fight to a stop or got in the ring with them to check them out....I am a 4'10" woman....not to scary. Well, I am used to dealing with a large world around me...they may be bigger, but not necessarily meaner. :-D
I had one fighter in particular who lost his fight and did not want to be checked out afterwards. He wanted to go back to his locker room and cuss, scream, spit and have a beer (not that he wasn't beginning to do these things already anyway). I called him several times to come back...nothing. Finally I walk into his posse of guys, grab his arm (which was as big as my thigh) and turn him around forcefully....I then reach up on my tiptoes and grab his head and pull his face to my level and explain that he would see me BEFORE and AFTER he stepped out of that ring or cage or he would NEVER go back in it EVER again....I swear I smiled when I said it...I promise. He calmed down quickly and apologized for his rudeness...he just needed my loving touch to remind him of his manners you see! ;-D
The cop then explained that after that...he had won the bet...they were both assured that I truly would have "kicked that felons ass"! hehe

It is a fun run of work and now have a gig that will pay me to go. I get fights about 1 time a month, 1 time every other month....not to bad. Fun, time away from the kids, grownups to talk to, and money to boot...not a bad deal.

I had a fighter came up to me last night and said "hey, I just wanted to give you a kiss because you fixed my cut eye and the hospital said you did an awesome job and I will have little scarring." He then kissed my cheek....very sweet. Another guy came over and said "yeah man, you remember me?" I am sorry to say I didn't....I smiled and told him I couldn't but if he laid down on the mat and bled a little it might actually come back to me! hehehehe


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