Saturday, September 08, 2007


Last night I got the gig of a least for me. hehe
I worked as Ring Side Medic for the XFS fights. This is a huge arena that houses many pro activities. This was an Amateur fight, however, meeting with the management and promotion team that runs the Pro fights puts me in good running for the job of Medic for their events. Needless to say, they liked my 'work' and the fighters are learning who I am...amateur and Pro. I am very excited to go and hang and watch the fights, a big hobby of mine, use my Medic skills and get to know a lot of people. I had several people come up to me from the audience later and tell me that they thought I did a great job and was very attentive to the fighters and their needs. The Judges are getting to know me and know that I know what I am doing.....YEAH! The fighters as well as the Judges know that I am willing to "be the bad guy" when it comes to calling a fight due to injury"...even when I am booed. I was booed last night by my largest crowd ever...around 1500-2000 people....I LOVE making new friends.hehe
Post more later on if I get the gig......for now it looks like I am doing another Medic job on Oct. 6th at a smaller venue and then possibly the larger venue again Oct. 27th!!!

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Britney said...

How exciting!!! What an awesome opportunity! Let me know how it goes!
Love ya!!!