Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Newest Adventure

Getting ready to take an adventure. I am taking the 4 kids to Walla Walla, Washington for the night on Thursday, then to Quincy, Washington to a funeral on Friday and then to Cousin Shane and Kendra's in Milton Freewater, Oregon Friday night and home Saturday. My Great Grandma Goldie, a Wonderful old broad, passed away at the rip age of 91. She was hoping to make it as old as her father, who passed away at 108. It will be nice to see family again, but I hate that it has to be due to a funeral. The kids will see some family they have never met, and will see others they have only seen once or twice. It will be good to go and visit since I don't see many of them often due to distance.
I wonder if I am crazy....taking 4 kids by myself on a road trip. At least the one leg of the journey is 3 hours, then we have a 'sleep over' with cousins...then another 3 hour journey for a funeral. I am borrowing Tracey's portable DVD players so the kids have something to do and hopefully leave me be for the drive....I will let you know if my sanity survives when I get back.
Curtis will be enjoying life as a bachelor (with a house, cats, dogs, fish and turtle to feed), but alone none the less....TV to himself, computer all night long and NO NOISE. Maybe I should send HIM on the trip and I stay home.
Peace my peeps!


Amy said...

C'mon! If Ange can drive across the country with her circus act... ;) Keep your fly swatter handy! Maybe you need a telescoping handle on one of those babies!

So sorry about your great grandma. That's so awesome that you got to have her around you for so long though.


ange said...

Golly 3 hours, PIECE OF CAKE woman!! I am glad y'all had such a good time. Getting together for funerals is definitely a memory maker. It sounds like you had fun and the kids enjoyed the new company as well. I am sorry for your loss of Grandma Goldie, praying for your family.

ange said...

wait, I just read Amys reply,
Golly, we have gone from a 3 ring circus to a 5 ring, everyone has their own ACT.
I can't wait to see all 9 rings come together.
crazy circus woman, (not to be confused with the bearded woman heheh)