Tuesday, September 11, 2007

OOPPSS..Demi's Tooth

I noticed that I forgot to post about Demi and her tooth.

Labor day, Demi was taking a shower for school the next day. She was turning around and slid and fell in the shower. When she fell, her face landed on the lip of the shower where the floor meets the door. She jammed her right permanent tooth UP into her gums and almost into her sinus cavity.
I heard a thump, scream (from Demi) and a swear word (from my hubby). He started yelling for me to come help. I called my mommy (what you always do when you freak out) to see who she would call since the Dentist was not answering his phone and there was no emergency number given. I called the Dentist at his home and left him a message..hoping and praying that he would get it and call me back. Within 5 minutes he returned our call and said to meet him at his office.
At first we thought she had knocked her tooth out, but it was still in her mouth, but shoved way up into the gum line. It tore her gums, cut her lip open on the bottom and chewed her inner lip to shreds. The Dentist was so good to her. He numbed her up and had to use 3 different pliers to pull the tooth out. He put it back where it belongs and bonded it with a wire to her 4 other front teeth, in hopes that it will knit bone back to it and not be lost for good. This tooth lost was a permanent tooth and right in the front. It did not break the root, but broke the bone all around it disconnecting the tooth from the skull....yeah, it hurt that bad!!!
We will go back in the next couple of weeks to check the viability of the tooth in hopes it can be saved. If not, she will have to wear a retainer with a fake tooth on it until she is old enough for an implant.
Demi has done well with all of it, knowing that she is beautiful even if she doesn't have a front tooth!
Keep the prayers up for her tooth to be saved.

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Britney said...

Yikes! Just reading that story makes my teeth hurt!! Poor baby!