Sunday, September 23, 2007

Home Again, Home Again..Jiggity Jig

We made it home Saturday night about 7pm. Not bad for getting to spend time with family. We are all tired and grumpy from being stuck in a van with each other. 3 hours to Walla Walla, stay the night (no sleep there since I LOVE talking to my cousin Shane and his wife Kendra). On the road again Friday am to Quincy (another 3 hours). Enjoyed seeing family there, some I have not seen since I was a child and some I have never met.

Grandma Goldie's funeral was nice. It was great to hear from others in the community about someone you love. I have always been a giver, money or food to strangers I know where I got it from....Grandma Goldie never knew a stranger and was known to feed anyone who ever needed food! ;-P

Friday we stayed at my Cousin Kym's house. LOVE it....she has 4 kids (all teens or young adults now, and 1 grand daughter Bella. Bella is 2 and LOVED to play with the Little's while the Big's like to play with the older kids. We didn't get back from the funeral, dinner and 3 hour drive until 10pm, but it was still nice to stay and visit. Had little sleep that night as Aunt Pam is a snorer!!! (hehehe....thought I would get ya Pam...) I don't sleep well anyway, someone else's house is always hard for me.

Ride home was great and I am glad to be home. The kids can run amok and get ready for school tomorrow. They had the gall to ask me this morning when we are going back and when the next road trip will be......YIKES!

I did not get to meet up with my Friend Julie...SORRY JULIE! I should hope to be back Nov. 10th for my Cousin Mandy's unless you are in Haiti getting your boys we should get together...more time to plan.

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