Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dinner, Birthdays and Toes

Saturday Demi Roo had a sleep over with her friend Annie. Annie was celebrating her 8th B-day...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE!!!

We went to dinner with Curt's Aunt Peggy and her ex-hubby Don. Don't get weird, her and Don are best friends and he is a great guy. We enjoyed getting to see them, especially since Don is heading off today, Wednesday, for his home country of Sri Lanka for 6 months. We had a great time guys and wish Don a safe trip home to see family. Peg-you need to call us if you get bored...I am always up for a movie!!!

Curt celebrated his 37th birthday September 5th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE HANDSOMEST HUBBY EVER!!! He turned 37...3 years until his mid life crisis he says!! :-P
During his lovely birthday weekend, he stubbed his little toe on his right foot and broke it..YOUCH!!! He is limping along nicely with a toe that is twice the size of normal and many shades of purple, green, yellow and blue. He is currently sporting sandals with socks to work (can you say SEXY) since his shoes do not fit. hehehe ( I promised Gimpy Joe I wouldn't laugh, but I cannot help it..)

Demi's mouth is healing up nicely, we go back in another week or so to see how the tooths viability is doing. We are hoping to see some bone growth going on and that the tooth can be saved! Keep up the prayers!

That is all that is happening with the Kovick clan for now...blessings to everyone out there

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Britney said...

You guys are just having all sorts of bad luck with injuries huh?!