Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Home Again

Well, we are home again from our reunion trip to Couer D Alene. It was beautiful up there and we had a blast with the other families.

The kids made a lot of new friends, and many of the important people in my life got to meet. It is weird to say that you consider some of your best friends to be people who live so far away and all you do is talk on the phone or email everyday, but that is the way it is with me.

We got to spend a lot of time with Sarah, she is the biological older sister of our little Nikaya Mitchelle. The family is also adopting Santo, the bio. older brother to the girls. It was nice to visit and strengthen a bond that will be forged for our whole lives as we keep these kids close as possible since they are full siblings. My children loved to see Sarah and to get a glimpse of how cute and crazy their sister will be. Nikaya is a mini me with Sarah when it comes to looks.....they are so much alike that after seeing Nik in person and now Sarah again I can see the similarities. It amazes me that 2 children that have never been in the same country at the same time but have a biological bond can be so much alike. Hunter was really drawn to Sarah. Not only is she a bio. sibling to his new sister, but she is a little girl...Hunter LOVES little kids of ANY kind. He would follow Sarah around and do whatever she asked...he was infatuate with her and would read her stories and talk to her about her likes and was so cute.

Demi Roo was excited to have so many little Diva's around to flaunt her attitude with....girls that could match her. You would think that it would cause discourse, but they all got along well and had a lot of fun. When we left and got a ways down the road the kids cried. They hoped their new friends would not forget them and that next year we could have another reunion and it comes soon!

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FretzFamily said...

Sounds like you had a great time.