Wednesday, August 02, 2006

BooBoo Funny

I have to put this one down.

A little bit ago BooBoo came into the computer room where I have been doing some last minute working for Jesse Johnson on his ride and answering emails for adoptive families. He asked me if I would change his sheets on his bed because they were 'itchy'. To BooBoo, this means that there are germs or something on his bed that make him itch??!! BooBoo is a germ-a-phobe, fatalist. In his life everything is always "I Never", "You Always", etc....

Anyway, I told him to give me a minute. He said "you always say a minute and if I time you it is more than that." I said "BooBoo, go away you are making me crazy" to which he replied with a stone cold face "hey, I am just a kid in this house trying to survive!" hehehe

When I begin to laugh out loud at his comment he storms off asking me "why does everyone always laugh at me?" What a card!!!

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B E C K Y said...

Oh, that is just too funny!!! ROTFLOL! Out of the mouths of babe, he?