Saturday, August 19, 2006

Out of Courts, One Step Closer

Well, we got the official report that we are out of the Courts in Haiti. We now have the official adoption decree, Kai and Nikaya are ours!!!!!

We are done with translation of doc's into English and we will be entering legalization/Ministry of Interior Monday. This is the first part of the passport process. Our time frame now looks like this:

Legalization: 2-3 weeks, 2 being average

Passport Printing: 15 days on average unless a machine breaks down, it rains or there are no books...I mean hey, it is Haiti after all! ;-P

Birth Parent Interview with USCIS (INS): This varies on how busy the office is as to when they get families in. They have made contact with both sets of our Bparents so they are ready to come in when needed, that is half the battle with Haiti.
If no DNA is required and Bparent goes as planned we will then be able to travel to Haiti to get our kids!!!!!!

Not long now and we are excited.

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iveyfamily said...

I am so excited for you and your family!