Monday, March 12, 2007

A Lost Tooth

Kai got to experience his first ever loose tooth!
I told him Thursday that his tooth was loose and would be coming out soon. Low and behold, he and Hunter, Demi Roo and Nikaya and friends were jumping on the trampoline and Hunter went to kick and hit Kai right in the smoocher. OUT flew Kai's tooth and blood began to run down his lip. At first everyone was a little freaked out by the blood, but once I calmed them down and showed Kai the hole in his mouth he thought it was pretty cool. We went back to the trampoline to find the tooth...could not find it anywhere. All of a sudden, Hunter says "oh, here it is...on my pant leg". There was Kai's tooth stuck to the leg of Hunter's jeans. hehe

Thursday night the tooth fairy came to visit and Kai got his first ever tooth fairy money. That kid would go NO WHERE without his tooth fairy money. When I tried to convince him to leave it at home, he swore someone would take it. I finally convinced him to leave it for our Birthday swim party on Friday....thank goodness....and when he came home it was right where he left it just as I had promised! ;-)

A big first for our little we will work on bike riding....

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