Sunday, March 18, 2007

What is Going On

Lets see. Kai has lost ANOTHER tooth, his second in the same number of weeks! Yeah for the tooth fairy, the kid will be loaning me money soon!

Went to the Muay Thai fights last night as Medic again. Pretty good, a couple of our Sidekick fighters won some big matches. I butterfly bandaged several eye cuts etc. Most interesting of the night was a guy that broke his cheek bone and it dislodged his eyeball....yes folks, his eyeball was somewhat gouged out....EEWW Anyway, we sent him to the hospital to have it put back in. Hopefully he will not have to have to much surgery etc...pray for the poor fella will ya?!

Curtis is finishing up this block of schooling. I think he is going to take a break for a while. He is feeling in a rut and that he is missing out on time with us fun people we call family!

Got the kids social security cards in the we can add them to our taxes as our children, that is always good. hehe

My Assistant Amy is officially/unofficially gone from Heritage now. I like my new assistant, but she isn't Amy. I got her a card to send and hope it gets to her before she leaves for Spain apartment hunting...she and I found some awesome places on the internet...mansions..hehehe. I feel like I am losing a limb. I like that her number will stay a US number and she and I can email, but I will miss her just the same.

I am going to the Dr. tomorrow to see how I am doing, well, to discuss how I am doing. As you may be able to see, I am posting this at 11:49pm Mountain time...I have taken Lunesta and I am STILL awake. I am hoping to get a couple more 'normal' weeks in and see where I am at then. I will update more after my appointment.

Better go to bed for tonight....6:30am comes early here!

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