Sunday, March 25, 2007


Curtis and I measured the kids today.

Since they have been home, Kai Ceus has grown over 2 1/2 inches in height.

Nikaya has grown 2 inches.

Since January Hunter has grown 1 inch and Demi Roo has grown another 1/2 inch as well......I think they are growing to fast and need to stop it! :-P

I am excited for shorts season for Demi Roo....her pants are all now high waters and it is time to stock up on Capri pants to wear as well as shorts. I stock up on the Capri's and she can wear them with socks thru out the winter when it is mild, that way she doesn't look like she is waiting for a flood. hehe

Hunter is looking in to playing football ( I am nervous for my first baby, but he needs to get a little more outdoor play). I am not sure how I feel about tackle games, but he will have pads. I try to remember all the times he fought Muay Thai and how that compares...he will be fine!

Demi Roo is continuing with cheer leading. She has cheered at 2 Mayor's games and one other youth game in the last few weeks. She is doing well and has learned to master cartwheels and round off's quite well. She is now teaching Kai and Nikaya on the trampoline.

Kai is anxious for school to start. He is looking forward to riding the school bus and going to AWANA church (as he calls it). He has spent so much time on the trampoline with Demi and Nikaya that I swear they will wear it out. He is sleeping better now that he is being kept busy and getting the energy out of his little body.

Nikaya is anxious for AWANA church as well. She will turn 3 in May and when it starts up again this next September she will be old enough to be a Cubbie. She is excited to go and learn and play with the other kids. She has mastered the front somersault on the trampoline and is trying to do the tricks all the big kids do. Wont take her long. I am glad we have a net all the way around the trampoline. This allows even Nikaya to jump and not fall off.

Both Kia and Nikaya got used to Mammy and Pappy's dogs Sassy (Dingo Healer mix) and Sweetie (Golden Retriever). Sassy and Sweetie were here for 15 days while M & P enjoyed their Anniversary trip to Hawaii. While they tanned and enjoyed the ocean and sun, we sat here with mild weather and dog farts....NOT a fair trade if you ask me. I will post pic's of the kids giving Sassy and Sweetie a tea party.....the dogs looked THRILLED. hehe

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