Saturday, March 10, 2007

A New Experience

Today Kai and Nikaya got to enjoy a new experience.....a movie in a theater.
I took Demi Roo, Kai and Nikaya to 'Happy Feet' at the dollar theater....well, actually $2.00 theater, but who is counting..
We had popcorn and a lemonade and enjoyed the show...the kids LOVED the music and dancing in the movie and sat well for it, especially for their first time. Hunter and Curt went to see '300' a big epic picture that we knew the littler kids would not enjoy. Good thing, Curt said the movie was good, but really graphic violence and some sexual content. Hunter loved the battle scenes, but spent some time with his eyes closed during the scenes he shouldn't see. All in all, everyone had fun and we met at home and must now make dinner.....a mommies job is never done!

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