Sunday, March 25, 2007

Getting Better

Well so far I feel like I might get back to my old self sometime in the future. I will continue taking my Lunesta to help me sleep and work on trying to not let things get to me so not to be such a perfectionist with the stupid stuff. hehe

I know I need to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the kids for who and what they are, my beautiful blessings. I need to TRY not to worry about the house not being picture perfect and if someone comes and there are toys on the floor they can always step over them or choose not to visit. I will have SOME extra help as Curtis will be done with school for a while and will be able to help out a little more when he is home instead of doing homework non stop. He can also bring work home to catch up on it and earn some over time pay as well.

I have felt a tremendous frustration with the office I work with in Haiti. The communication has been almost non existent lately and I am frustrated for my families. Things move at the speed of sap in the winter, but when you are hearing nothing about your babies it can be an overwhelming feeling. I will be calling AGAIN this week to see if I can jar any info. out of them that I can for the families that are waiting. I have several that should either be traveling soon, getting out of IBESR (Haitian Social Services) or getting referrals (always a fun the stork for me!!)

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