Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Weekend Thus Far

Our week has been busy as ever. After our usual Tuesday B-ball practice we had Wednesday AWANA's and Thursday B-ball practice and Friday Cheer practice. We were able to go Friday evening over to the house of some old friends Gary and Dee and their boys Grant and Garrett. We had a wonderful dinner of Nachos and visited and the kids played. it was a blast...THANK YOU!!

Today was Saturday games times 2 and 2 cheer Performances. I am so bad that I have not taken my camera yet...Naugty mommy! But I will this next weekend since it is the last game for the boys and the last performace for the girls in February. I am lucky enough that games and performace times will work out so that I can see ALL my kids events as this next week instead of running from here to there to see at least 1 ball game and cheer performance. :-P

I have several families getting ready to exciting as I am anxious to see the kids come home and blossom!!! I love it! Saw some photos of some of the kids that have come home recently...the kids are pudging up and looking happy~~does my heart good on the bad days!

Well, so much for my exciting life so far this weekend. I think I am going to watch a movie with the kids "The Game Plan" with the Rock and that cute little Curly haired girl that Demi Loves...Should be fun. Then we will be off to bed for Chruch tomorrow since we have to there a little early since Kai and Demi decided they want to be in the Kids Choir.....Oy Vey....hehe

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