Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturdays Over...Whew...

Our weekend is coming to a close. We are done with Boys Basketball for the season...yeah...a little sleeping in next week! ;-) We still have cheer until May or June, but the practices aren't until 11am...yes...1 morning a week where we don't have to be out the door before the crack o' dawn.

Today Hunter went for a shot and was fouled....he set up for 2 free throws and sunk both with ease! We were so pleased, as was he, he tried to play it off cool but was all talk about it in the car "did ya see it, I hit both of them...I didn't think the second one was going to go in but it did!" His team still lost, but they played their hearts out.

Kai hit 3 shots today and they all made it in the basket....he was so proud. He looked up where we were sitting and gave us the biggest toothless grin he could.
All of us got to see the girls cheer today. Nikaya did her sign carry as one of the team 'mascots' and Demi did her cheer and stunts. We went and enjoyed a great lunch at Golden Corral (all you can eat buffet with more shrimp than the kids can handle...they LOVE it!)

My only grump of the day was our Coach for Hunter's team. He has been such a jerk the whole season, not just to the kids, but everyone. He told Nikaya one day she couldn't play with the basketball because it was Hunter's. Hunter said he told her she could. The coach leaned over to her and told her he was not used to being told no and she needed to put the ball down...NOW. Nikaya looked up at him and stared him in the eyes and said "You, are a scary monster!" She then walked to me and relayed to me that HE was a scary monster...which made several people but the Coach laugh. 3 Years old...I guess she calls them as she sees them. Curtis was afraid I had said something to him because of it..I didn't feel I needed to, Nik did a good job herself. I also figured if I did it would include one of MY body parts inserted into one of HIS body parts etc and that was probably NOT the proper time or place for it..hehe
Anyway, after the team played, I had made arrangements to get the boys trophies. I am not sure how other places do it, but the boys here earn trophies for their hard work when they participate in AU or Y-ball. I purchased the trophies with the understanding that everyone would pitch in for their child's trophy and the Coach and Assistant Coach plaque like we have always done after EVERY other season of sports my kids have played in.
Well...was I ever wrong. I am not sure if the majority of the parents are ignorant, butt heads or just don't care..but Coach tells everyone I purchased the trophies for the boys even though HE thought it was silly so "Thanks to you for the lovely gift". WHAT? Only 5 of the 11 parents paid me back...the total of $130 was out of MY pocket. I was SOOOO angry I could have spit nails.
Curtis tells me to pray for grace in the situation, learn my lesson to have the money beforehand and go on with it knowing the boys were happy. I guess if the boys were happy I can be happy, but I still don't like the Coach. :-P

Tomorrow we are off to Church to see our friends Julio and Lilliana and hear their testimony. Should be great.

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