Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our New Friends

All I can say about last night is WOW!
We spent from 7pm until 10pm with Julio and Lilliana from Chile' as well as Melody, their Interpreter. They were absolutely wonderful, dinner was fabulous and the fellowship was even better.

Lilliana and Julio are from Chile', around the Santiago area. Julio has been a Pastor all of his life, and Lilliana has been his loving wife and mother to 4 kids. They both have studied Psychology as well and are so intelligent when it comes to so many things. They both are so full of love and life and were absolutely amazing to speak to. They will be going on a 30 day Mission to Cuba, 30 days is all that is allowed in Cuba and one must enter on a Religious Visa. They have been to Cuba before, many times, and have always met resistance from the Government when it comes to Christian teachings there.

Their Interpreter Melody was also wonderful. She was originally from Texas, and met her husband in Bible college. She and her hubby were missionaries to Chile' where she learned fluent Spanish and translating as well as Chilean life and customs. She said that 4 years ago she lost her wonderful hubby to brain cancer, and felt that her career as a Missionary was over, she just did not feel she could return to Chile' without him and settled in Virginia to be near their children. The Lord had other plans for her and she has now begun translating for the Spanish and Chilean missionaries that come to the States, often times having them live with her in her home. What an amazing bond they have with one another. She travels all over the US with the different missionaries and translates for them....what fun that would be!

Curtis and I were nervous to have them over. After a lot of things we have dealt with when it comes to 'Christians' Whose Christian was always better than ours... I was ready to put up a wall on bringing someone I didn't know into my home. I am so glad that God had other plans, they taught us so much last night. They have renewed my Faith when it comes to a Church family and had amazing insight into why I feel the way I feel about 'church' in general...a very good observations from them as well as Dr. B when it comes to my non-conformity to practical churches. It helped Curtis see as well that the Church we found may actually be the one for us to let go and trust God and seek membership....we shall see where it leads.

One thing I have always struggled with is sharing my 'Testimony'. When someone asks you about that, what do they want to hear??
Curtis has stated that he is even more frustrated by that question since he really has never had a 'ding dong I am God conversation with the Lord'. Has anyone else out there ever had that question?

We both know we believe, are young in our faith and do not have a tremendous working knowledge of the Bible. We also know that we have a deep spiritual faith in God, but not necessarily in man and the Church. Julio explained it well by reminding us that every church has good and bad people and people who technically interpret the Bible in their own way, but if we Pray, God will show us the correct was to live etc.

Please, post your thoughts and let me know.
All in all, it was an amazing night! I will post the photos as soon as I get them off the camera!

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