Friday, February 29, 2008

The US Government Sucks!!!

The title above may seem a little harsh for an American to say about their own government; Let me explain....
For 9 years I have worked with the US Government, USCIS (Immigration or whatever else they have decided to call themselves as they change names as much as they change email addresses and phone numbers).
I have several families that I know of that have been trying for at least 1 month or more to get a Visa appointment with the US Consular section of the US Embassy in Haiti. One family has had their papers at this very office since beginning of Feb, another for several weeks as well and another one of my families has papers that have been there for over a week.
I have emailed, called and repeated for over a week. I have let the Consulate know the papers were coming, that I knew they had arrived and if anything was needed to please let me know so we could fix it. We are up against huge time constraints as the US Embassy is closing for the entire month of April.
Of course, this closure is rumored on many levels, but has not been confirmed by the US Consulate due to the fact that they have not answered their phones or emails for about a month.
I know that I have inquired, as many of the members of the JCICS (Joint Council of International Children's Services) as to what they are going to do to make up for the lack of Visa appointments in the month of April and to catch up with the back log their closure is going to cause.
It has been said that 50 dossiers have exited the MOI office in the last month or so. If that is true, US Consulate only sees 1 family a day Monday thru Thursday. How long will it take them to catch up with the families that are already sitting in the Haitian system for over 1-2 years now??? Please, we are supposed to be a World Super power and we cannot even process a Visa in sufficient time for a LEGALLY Adopted child...we suck!
I would really call the offices more to complain, but know what??? They change their numbers. USCIS changes their email addresses and phone numbers every couple of months....I didn't know a Government office could do that..true story! It is also like trying to find someone in Witness Protection if you are looking for the new numbers and addresses...once you find them it is like gold baby...hehe

I really do LOVE the US of A...but we really need to get our government working in an orderly fashion. People are living here ILLEGALLY, and we want to give them free Citizenship...I cannot even get LEGALLY adopted children here...AARRGGHH!

Thanks for the venting back to your regularly scheduled Friday! ;-)


Sherry said...

I will totally agree with you. It is ridiculous really how much waiting has to be done...get those papers stamped already and get those kids home. It boggles my mind.

We had planned on adopting from Haiti and I got spooked by families with more than 2 bio kids being turned away at the last minute. I prayed about it, and God gave us kids in Ethiopia...which we would NEVER have even thought about. So now we wait to bring them home...waiting and the US government suck! haha

I am praying that the process in Haiti improves and that UNICEF will finally open their eyes.

thormx said...

This goverment sucks.

My fiance recieved a visa from the USA to vist my family before we got married in China.

She flew to Detroit Airport was detained for 4 hours and told to go home. They could not find her a flight the same day so they handcuffed her and put her in prison like a criminal.

We have been dating for 2 years while I worked in China. They did not let me see her or talk to her or her family in China talk to her.
We asked what flight she had home and they would not even give us taht information.....

This goverment has distroyed our social security started wars with other countrys and has just gone overboard. Homeland security my ass the country is a dictatorship.

Two people who love each other and want to get married cant even spend time together in the USA. It is time to leave this "land of the free"