Monday, February 04, 2008

Oh What A Night

Once again I had an insomnia night. This one was not entirley my fault, hubby is sick and SNORES like a crazy man. hehe

I tried sleeping but spent most of the night listening to Curt making noises and tapping him to move him around so he would quit...didn't work. Then, Kai woke up with 'snakes in his bed'. I don't know what it is about that kid, but he always has snakes in his bed at night. He walked the hallway mumbling and I found him in his room spreading his covers out looking for the offending snake. It took quite a while to convince him that we did not have snakes in the house or his bed and he should go back to sleep. I sat on his floor and rubbed his leg for about 30 minutes. My legs and butt fell asleep and my head was bobbing so I went back to bed. Curt kept making the 'snark' other way to describe it..hehe

I got the kids up for school and was able to lay back down before Nikaya got up. Try as I might, I still could not get thru the noise so I packed up my pillow and extra blankie and went to rest on the snake bed in Kai and Hunter's least I got another hour before Nikaya woke me up with the need for breakfast! ;-)

I think next time I will just phone my friend Ange and she and I can catch up on life at 4am!

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