Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Dam Field Trip

Hehe. Today I spent all day with 5th graders (and Nikaya) at the Dam. Unfortunately we were not able to tour the dam since we had to leave earlier in the day to get back to school for the buses to make their routes. We did have quite a few stations that taught science subject such as Crops, Mining and taking care of the land after mining is done, the kids rode a raft and paddled, looked at water side vegetation and rode in an old wagon with big horses pulling it. It was fun...chilly, but fun. I think all the ragweed in the air has my allergies acting up and I am stuffy nosed now. :-P
Tonight Hunter is dancing in the Cinco De Mayo presentation at school.
I have a lot of photos to post, but blogger is being a butt and wont let me post anything right now....later maybe!

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