Thursday, May 08, 2008

More Field Trips and Stuff

Today Nikaya and I went to the Zoo with Kai's kindergarten class. It was a great day and everyone had a blast! Nik prefers to watch the Guin, guins...Penguins for those of you that don't speak 3 year old Crenglish....hehe Kai wants to see the monkeys! We had a couple of other kids and parents in our group so we had quite a bit of fun.

I have begun my outdoor waling routine now and can walk about 2.5 miles a day. I need to get better fitting shoes since even my feet have lost weight and now my shoes rub blisters on me. The first day I walked I came home with a limp and I hurt like an 90 year old gimp....not fun.

Adoptions are moving slower than sap. No one is answering emails at the US Consulate again...not that I am surprised, just frustrated. I have a family that should have traveled already, 2 families waiting for passports that should have been done forever ago and a family in IBESR that should have been approved many, many months ago as it goes with Haitian Adoption, never an easy path to take. I wish the Haitian and US Governments would figure out that if we 'wealthy Americans' wanted to adopt children illegally or for slave trade that we would have picked an easier country than Haiti....But...What do I know??!!

I am working with the local 6th-8th Grade school in our district to do a food drive to benefit Haiti....mainly the New Life Link and Hope For The Children Orphanages and Creche. If it all pans out I am anxious to see how much food we can gather.

I am also going this next week to make a Presentation to the local Kiwanis group. Maybe they will have some awesome ideas to help a starving country so close yet so far from us.

I have spoken to members of my new Church into possibly doing a Mission trip next summer. This summer they are sending people to Spain, so I figure next year we can hit Haiti!
I have also been hooked up with the local Genesis Strength Team. They are a group of Christian's that 'street preach' and so feats of human strength to spread the word. They are also open to doing heavy jobs and traveling, so maybe I can get them to Haiti as well! They are amazing to watch. They preach, bend re bar and frying pans to prove the strength of God....that should interest a few Haitians, ya think??!!

Well, off to email Haiti again and hopefully hear good news for families.
Pray for the families as I have:
1. One family in IBESR
2. Two Families waiting for passport and Visa appointments
3. One family (my littlest daughters bio. brother) has had DNA requested after MONTHS of USCIS and US Consulate having the dossier ...this is so ridiculous I cannot even begin to tell you...
4. One family waiting to travel
5. And many, many more waiting for their kids to come to their forever homes.

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