Friday, May 09, 2008

A Little More Time

Well, with my schedule and getting back to Kiwanis group so late in the game, Peggy found someone else to speak on the 13th of May. I am signed up for June and see it as a great God thing. I want to put together a quick power point photo show etc and get in my head the intelligent things I would like to say, so this gives me more time to do that! I know if I don't have a pointed conversation I will meander on about Haiti, not making sense to anyone but me since I have been there, so I have time to plan..YEAH!

I am working Cage Fights Saturday 10th so I am excited for that. Pray that no one gets hurt to bad and I am able to care for them the best way I can and that things go well for all the fighters! I am taking a couple of old friends as well as their oldest son to see the show and will have my friend Jenn in place of my brother to help out ringside....I know she likes to help, but I think she likes the scenery as well....hehe

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