Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nikaya's Booty Shaking Day

Yesterday, May 15th was the birthday of my youngest, Nikaya. She is now a BIG, BIG 4 years old....the BIG, BIG is her words, not mine! ;-P

Nik picked a local buffet to eat at and LOVED having the waiters sing to her while she stood on her chair and shook her booty....she waited a long time to have her B-day and get to be the booty shaker and has endured many others getting their day before hers. She still isn't old enough to go on the school bus or go to school, but she is big enough to do lots of things as she always reminds us!


Nikaya, the day she came to New Life Link aged 18 months

One of my Christmas Photos I got of her for update photo

Nik, safe at home in her the hard life

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Amy said...

Oh man can she put on the FACE! Give that girl a smoochy-smooch from me! Happy Birthday, Nik!

Ou Mem Amy