Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fight Night Fun

Saturday night was fight night again! It was great to be back and the fighters were glad as well!
I am excited to report that our fights may become, large and on the T.V. Now everyone can see me threaten a fighter with violence if they misbehave...hehe (I had a fighter last night spitting blood at his opponent. When it was time for me to go check him out he was angry that he lost so he was stomping, cussing, spitting etc. I entered the cage and pointed square in the face of the fighter, who was 6'3" 240lbs, that if he spit blood in my face or cussed me in any sort of way, I was going to rip his arm off and beat him with it! I know, a kind and gentle touch is all that was needed for the guy, who responded..."no problem sweet Mama"...and did as I asked! :-) Much different treatment than he gave the Dr.'s filling in while I was in Haiti the last fight from what was reported to me.) Poor guy lost AND had broken his nose.

Fights were fairly clean. Several hyper-extended elbows from submissions and one we had to pop back in. One complete knock out and several face pummels but nothing major. I will let ya know when the televised shows will be on if interested...should be great!


. said...

oooooohhh!! ME- ME!!! PICK ME to tell about the televised ones! LOL!!

Honestly I don't know if you will be able to have me watch them but if they're on Vs. channel, I will be there anyway! Just tell me the TIME & day.

Heck, I'll even digitally record it for ya if you want!

Love ya, keep the fight news coming. If the others don't wanna read it, you can email me directly! (HUGE GRIN)

. said...

OOPs forgot to sign my name but I bet you already know it's me- Becky!

(aka Becky in Okla)