Monday, May 05, 2008

Me, Tagged and Beautful :-)

I am: A child of God, a Happy wife, a Loving Mom

I think: I am a little crazy...ok...a LOT Crazy

I know: That my children know I love them

I want: my kids and their friends to want to play at our house instead of somewhere else

I have: a busy life

I wish: I weren't such a control freak and perfectionist

I hate: Mean people who judge before knowing the other person

I miss: The people I have lost in my life

I loved: Seeing my kids for the first time

I fear: The things my kids have to face because of their race and age and the state of the world

I feel: Happy and content with who I am

I hear: My kids and the neighbor kids usual

I am filled: with happiness, doubt, anger and overwhelming hope

I smell: nose has never worked

I crave: Chocolate-24 hours a day (at least only when I am awake)

I search: for more God in my life

I wonder: If I will ever be a millionaire

I regret: past makes me who I am today!

I love: my family, friends and even those that do not like me

I ache: For extended family members to know God

I care: for the children of Haiti

I don't always: Come across the way I had hoped I would

I am not: Perfect...try as I might

I believe: In myself and the ones I love

I sing: Loud, Proud and fairly well

I cry: When I am extremely angry....if we are arguing and I start to cry...WATCH OUT!

I always: Try to say what I mean and mean what I say

I fight: For adoptive children and their families more often than they truly believe

I write: because it is good therapy

I win: every time a child comes to their forever home

I lose: When US and Foreign Governments have crappy bureaucracy

I never: say do not know what the good Lord is going to give you!

I confuse: something being complete to my being accomplished

I listen: To crazy headbanger music and LOVE it even if you don't :-P

I can usually: Make friends with just about anyone, especially the people others deny

I never: Judge a book by its cover

I am scared: I will not live long enough to see my grandchildren

I need: Lord God, Family and Friends

I am happy: Most of the time

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Marcia Erickson said...


Beautiful post on YOU. And, I love your new pic!

Keep up the amazing work you do!