Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jesse Johnson

My new friend Jesse Johnson made it to Miami in 40 days!!!
Check out the story at www.bikeforhaitikids.org
Not sure yet how much money he made or if he even came close to the $1 million he hoped for. Either way, all the money is going to be used for the kids of Haiti and he is awesome!
Below are photos of when he came to Boise on his long 4000 mile trip....

Back Row: Rachael (Jesse wife), Jesse, MaryAnn (Jesse Mom), Trinity (Jesse Daughter), Michelle, Taye Reece, Bella.

Front Row: Hunter, Elijah, Jonah, Allie, Demi Roo.

Pretty much same as above, but this picture has me and Ken (family friend of Jesse and camera man for documentary that was being filmed during the trip.)

I do believe that Jesse and his crew are some of my heroes. He rode day in and day out across the US to raise money for the kids of Haiti. He endured beer bottles being thrown at his head, hawks attacking him, and a 3 shots from a BB gun in the thigh from an idiot kid (it was just for fun according to the father of the boy)...as Napoleon Dynamite would say....."Idiot...gosh!"

Thanks Jesse, I look forward to the documentary and talking to you as soon as you find your way home!!!

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