Sunday, September 10, 2006

True American Hero

Tonight I met a true American hero. A Fireman from New York City named Rob Moore. He was with one of the first fire battalions to be on the scene of the World Trade Center September 11th, 2001. He watched in horror and helped many people during the fall of the two towers. He lost many friends that day and will remember them and their sacrifice of life that they gave 5 years ago tomorrow.

It was amazing listening to him talk about that day, something that many of us saw on TV, but that he experienced in real life. I would have loved to have sat down with him and talked one on one with him about the feelings of it all, I am sure they were surreal.

He gave the talk at our church this evening. He wanted to remind everyone of the Sept. 11th day coming up, but how as a Christian he was affected. He met death that day and said that he was not afraid due to his strong belief in God and his salvation and how that it might be the end for him here, but it was only the beginning for him elsewhere.

I hope we all remember to take a few moments tomorrow to remember the ones who gave their life for so many to be saved.

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