Thursday, September 14, 2006

Usual Day

Today has been a usual day. Nothing out of the ordinary for us. Friday will bring volunteering at the school. Saturday instead of cheerleading, we are going to be downtown selling baked goods a the Indian Creek Festival. This is the first Annual Indian Creek Festival and the Comets are using it as a fundraiser. should be fun. We are doing the 10am to noon shift....I am hoping and praying for warmth since it has been down to 68* lately...cold spell meaning Fall is coming. :-(

Saturday evening I will be sitting ringside Medic for Muay Thai/Mixed Martial Arts fights in Ontario. Should also be fun. My brother is escaping and getting to come with me. This will be his first time and he is excited to see the fights...we should have some good ones considering we have 20 fights and only 5-6 of them are Muay Thai. Muay Thai uses mostly kicks and punches and is not as harsh as the mixed martial arts. With the MMA you have short finger gloves and usually no shin pads. Fights go fairly quickly to the ground for grappling and submission holds. Not for the faint of heart I assume. I love to watch and enjoy getting to be ringside Medic (front row seat for free!!!) I will post Sunday about how it went....if there was anything broken on anyone. hehe

Well, off to bed...or at least to read a while to unwind. Gotta have the energy up to spend the day at the school.

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