Friday, September 01, 2006

Turtle Grandma

Well the time has come for me to become the grandma I have always wanted to be! ;-P
In about 3 weeks Hunter will become the proud father of a Red Eared Slider Turtle.
We have done the research, found the equipment and now we are working hard at saving our money to purchase said turtle. hehe
We spent today going to a few pet stores looking at the actual cost of getting a turtle, housing it, feeding it etc. Hunter is over the moon with excitement. To help him learn we bought a turtle care book so he can prepare for the upcoming new arrival and what he needs to do to put it all together.

When Hunter puts his mind to something he is serious about, he really means it. When he first mentioned a pet just "for himself " (like we have no animals...counting the 3 cats, 3 dogs, bird and fish) he mentioned wanting either a snake or a turtle. I about died at the thought of a snake in my home....EEEWWW!!!! I also made Hunter understand that I will never own an animal that must eat another living thing to survive. Therefore we have decided that a turtle is the best pet that he can have himself. ;-P

Hunter began researching it on the internet. I mean honestly Curtis and I thought that he would get over it by now, but no such luck...he meant it about the turtle. He had answers to all of our questions. He even promised that when he goes to college he will take the turtle with him...When he marries, he will take the turtle with him...we will see if the poor thing survives this long, but it is good he is looking long term.

He gave me a lecture tonight to make sure that I do not allow his sister (and new siblings) to play with the turtle unless he is there. That I will not turn the fan on and make his turtle cold so it will become ill, that I will make sure that I keep MY pets away from it so Mr. Turtle will not be harmed. We agreed.

Once we buy the turtle I will post pic's of my new grand child when he or she arrives!!

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