Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior is the office we are currently stuck in. We have been there for about a month I believe. One of my adoptive families went in right before me and came out in about 2.5-3 weeks time. Well, we have not.
I spoke to Robinson, one of our Lawyers in Haiti, today and he said that MOI has a new Director and that is why there is a hold up in the office. Nice to know it isn't personal....if you knew me you would be amazed it isn't personal. hehe
Anywhoo...we are still waiting but hoping to be out soon as the new Director gets used to his/her new job and gets on the ball.
Once that is done, we get passports printed which is about 15-30 days and then Birth parent interviews at USCIS (INS). After that we travel!!!!
We are praying hard for before Thanksgiving. We would love to have them home for all the family to meet them and see their little faces.

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