Thursday, October 26, 2006

An Answer

I had my HIDA Scan test yesterday. I have not gotten the official call from the Dr. yet, but the lady that did the test explained what I will hear.
A HIDA Scan tests your ejection fraction, the amount of time it takes for your gallbladder to fill up and then empty. To have one considered normal you need a 35% rating or more....Mine, 0%. That puppy isn't filling or emptying and will more than likley need to be removed soon to stop the pain that I am having.
I am glad to have an answer and an option to fix it. It kind of stink that the option is surgery so close to the holidays and the kids coming home, but I will do whatever to make myself 100% by the time we get them.
Thank the good Lord for getting me thru 15 hours of no food or water and the pin sticks for the IV, pain of morphine induced attack and sitting still for 1.5 hours for test! ;-)

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