Sunday, October 08, 2006

Quite a Scare

Well Friday turned out to be a scary day for me.

It actually started Thursday night for me. I got a horrible pain in my chest that after a while went away. Friday I got up and the pain was persistent but not as bad...I passed it off as bad Burger King Thursday night. hehe

Tracey and I took the kids to the movies, no school due to teacher state conference. During the movie the pain got worse again. I called my Dr. and he was out of the office, so I had Tracey take me to a quick care locally. I called Curtis and told him I was going...I was a little scared since the pain was getting a little worse again. Once at the clinic they took me right back. Hooked me up to monitors and told me that my heartbeat had some irregularities in it on the EKG. They told me I needed to go to the local ER and that I would have to go by Ambulance, car transport was NOT an option. Needless to day, I cried and freaked a little...come on, I am only 34...granted, I am fat, but I am young and mean if I wanna be. ;-P
The nurse put an IV in and gave me baby aspirin. The fireman and paramedic's arrived and carted me away to the in tears, Curtis with fear in his eyes.

The ER checked me again and again. Something was wrong with my EKG...abnormal rhythm and my blood pressure and pulse were off the charts...I was admitted to the ICU for observation and given nitro under the tongue and then a nitro patch on the chest. Now, if you have never had nitroglycerine let me tell you gives you a headache beyond headaches....OUCH!
Curtis finally left at 11:30pm. Well, actually I MADE him leave and told him to get something to eat and some rest. Hunter and Demi were with my wonderful friend Tracey for the night, or until I got out of the hospital. I talked to her on the phone Friday night and she was in tears. She told me she loved me and that I had better get out of the damn hospital or else! ;-P

I had many blood draws and wires hooked to me like you would not believe. I had to have someone with me if I wanted to move from my bed to go potty....I don't like vouyers...I had a several Friday night. hehe
After all the tests were run my cardiac enzymes came back damage to my heart PTL...and my stress test was stressful, but I passed with flying, sweaty colors! Do you know that they wash you with alcohol and THEN sand paper the area for the LED's to stick...OUCH again!
They have decided that I may have a hiatal hernia, ulcer or other blockage in my esophogus that caused it to spasm. I guess when your esophagus spasms can mimic heart pain since it is the same nerve controlling the same area. Good to know for next time!!!

I have been given a clean bill of heart health, but must now see a Dr. to have scope down my throat to see what is going on along with med's for stomach acid reduction. I am thankful that it was not my heart. I prayed so hard all Friday night. Even after sleeping pill I could not I prayed.

I am glad to be back home and even though the hospital took good care of me I am glad to be back where I am the boss. hehe ;-P

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Becky said...

Oh, LeeAnne!!

Do I EVER know how you feel!!

I have the same thing happen, the dr. diagnosed mine as an
"Esophageal Spasm".

The thing that seems to trigger it every time is to eat something super cold too fast (no gulping slurpies or big bites of ice cream). Also, the more acidic my stomach gets the worse it is.

If you find it hard to swallow, drink hot liquids (tea is my favorite) as this seems to relax the muscles enough to make it not hurt.

The med they have prescribed for me is the equivalent of Pepcid AC.
It helps. But it's not perfect, so sometimes it flares up anyway.

Also if I am in the middle of an attack, I can sometimes take an antigas pill (like Gas-X or Phazyme).

Digestive enzymes help to minimize flareups, so if I am able I take those when I eat.

You have my sympathy and I know exactly how that feels. One day you will learn to tell when one is coming on so it isn't so scary. Just painful.

SOOO Happy it was not a heart issue, too! (((HUGS)))


Becky in Okla (from NLL list)