Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Tests....

Today the Dr got my results from my ultrasound. They said it appears that I have stones in my gallbladder. This is not a surprise since most of the females on both sides of my family have all had their gallbladder out by the age of 36.....I will be 35 in December.

They want to do a HIDA scan next Wednesday. They said they are not 100% sure that the gallbladder was what was causing my pain.....I am ...... Pray for the following:
1. I can sit still for 2 hours to have the test
2. The dye does not make the ensuing gallbladder attack to much to handle
3. They get definitive results and can fix me

I prefer just to have the surgery to remove the gallbladder. I know that eventually I will have to have it done, and I prefer to have it done before my kids come home and I have little ones to care for.

Write more on that later...

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